Friday, July 4, 2014

The July 4th Post

     It’s Independence Day in the United States, so let’s head toward some seemingly appropriate music.
     It’s easy to answer the question, if asked why we love There Will Be Fireworks. There are two main reasons. First, one of us comes from the Rock era when distortion-free guitar ruled the earth. Sure, the garage sound has been around since the beginning of mankind’s endeavor with Rock, but garage was literally started in the garages of fledgling bands. The garage sound wasn’t a goal; it was a reality. Second, we are partial to the Scottish sound, and particularly when it goes “wall of sound.”
     Well, There Will Be Fireworks delivers that "clean" guitar that is engrained in one of us. 
     “Elder and Oak” by There Will Be Fireworks

     Staying with “fireworks,” there is a Montreal duo using the name Fire/Works. They are Jonathan Peters and David Lagacé.
      “Elephants” by Fire/Works


     Skunkmello is a New York Rock and Blues band comprising Matt Bartlett, Ed Cuervo and Jono Ori. We enjoy “Stars and Stripes,” despite what we said above with regard to our guitar preferences.
      Stars & Stripes by Skunkmello
     Is “No Right” patriotic? The song is from a Philadelphia-based band having a name that includes the term “nation.” The band is One Sound Nation. The members are Jarrad Stallone, Evan Stallone, Jeremy Hahn and Tom Wolter.
     "No Right" by One Sound Nation

     It’s a stretch, but this one might fit here too. The genres are across the map, so there is likely to be something for everybody, as well as run-the-other-way moments. The Independent Music Awards has released 75 songs on NoiseTrade. They are currently available for the price of an email address and a requested tip. Click the arrow in the embedded NoiseTrade offer to sample the 75 songs. Our recommendations are included below.

     “The Mark of Hearts” by Ginger and the Ghost

     “Son of a Bitch” by Highasakite

     “Lion Spin” by Midnight Spin

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