Thursday, July 24, 2014

“Paris” – Three Song Reviews

     The song “Paris” by Magic Man has been receiving attention on satellite radio’s Channel 36 (“Alt Nation”). Good song, as we noted in a post that is one of the most popular entries in Indie Obsessive history. But because Indie Obsessive has a short attention span, we are currently listening to other songs with that title. So, this post is dedicated to “Paris.”
     Including the one by Magic Man, here are three songs with the single-word title “Paris.” There are more 2014-relevant songs with the title, but these are the ones that are in our wheelhouse. Still, Little Dragon’s “Paris” should receive a mention, since the band is visiting our area. Little Dragon will be at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California on August 22, 2014.

     The Away Days is a band from Istanbul, Turkey. The previous work by the band has been appreciated by and featured in Indie Obsessive, but “Paris” is their best work. The light guitar and vocals carry the listener along gently for most of the song. Then, we’re delivered to a swell that is far less gentle. “Paris” starts its built at the 1:44 mark, and an increased acceleration occurs at the 1:59 mark. Our favorite feature hits at 2:36, when the processing creates a greater depth of sound by introducing echo to the voice and guitar. While we continue to enjoy the earlier work of The Away Days, "Paris" is their song with the greatest attention to detail in its arrangement and mixing. The band is headed in a positive direction.
     The members of The Away Days are Oguzcan Ozen, Sezer Kic, Berk Tekelioglu and Burak Serter.
     “Paris” by The Away Days


     Scenic Route to Alaska is from Edmonton, Alberta. The three members are childhood friends Trevor Mann (lead vocals and guitar), Murray Wood (bass) and Shea Connor (drums and vocals). We favor bands with a larger population, since more instruments and more voices typically translate to a richer texture. On the other hand, within a small band, a skilled and creative drummer is much more likely to be given the license to showcase his skill and creativity. All three members of Scenic Route to Alaska provide positive contributions to “Paris,” but we particularly enjoy the drum work that steps forward at about the 1:46 mark of the song.      
          “Paris” by Scenic Route to Alaska (the band is currently allowing free downloads)

     Magic Man is a synth-rock band  that hails from Providence, Rhode Island. The band started as a duo, but Sam Lee and Alex Caplow have been joined by Justine Bowe (keyboards), Gabe Goodman (bass) and Joey Sulkowski (drums).
     Magic Man will visit The Independent on November 20, 2014. The band will be joined by Smallpools and Panama Wedding.
      “Paris” by Magic Man

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