Tuesday, March 5, 2019

“Touch” by Alex McArtor – A Song Feature

     “Touch” is a parade of features that individually and collectively attest to Alex McArtor’s maturity in songwriting, passion in delivery, and appreciation for musical history. It’s apparent from the start, as the intro of her single slowly increases the volume of an undulating guitar hook over a chant and echoed laugh/talk. Soon, her voice enters with strength of conviction in the honesty and awareness of the lyrical content.

     “Touch” is textured with features that reach back to prior decades. The saxophone toward the end of the song is perhaps the best example, as it hoists a ‘70’s/’80’s vibe onto its shoulders. Earlier, the synth and highly reverberated guitar carry a “touch” of nostalgia. Not surprisingly, the press content about the songs explained, “Movies like ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘The Velvet Goldmine’ inspired Alex to try and recreate cinematography through sound.”

     Still, without the investment of the vocals into “Touch,” the single would not be as heavy hitting. Alex McArtor is sixteen years old, so she is a vocalist/songwriter to track. Alex was born in Austin, Texas, but recently moved to Dallas with her family. She is attending a boarding school in New Hampshire. Describing her musical motivation, Alex said, “I love expressing myself through writing music. I believe it’s the most beautiful, raw thing we can do on this earth. To express through art and have something to say.”

     Alex wrote and recorded her first album, “Spoken Word,” with Aaron Kelley at AK Songworks in Dallas, Texas. “Touch” is one of the eleven tracks on “Spoken Word.”

     “Touch” by Alex McArtor 

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