Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Personal Post – Happy Birthday

     As you travel through life, the song lyrics you connect with change. A party song that was once your anthem may bring back good memories after circumstances have changed and your children and spouse have become the most important part of your life; but the song is certainly not your anthem any longer.
     The same is true for a relationship. Different songs speak to stages such as:
(a) the start of a romance in which being separated creates a longing, 
(b) the start of a marriage in which there are so many reasons to be hopeful, and 
(c) the start of a family in which there is an additional reason to share your lives.

     Today is the birthday of the person I love. Our relationship has passed through a number of stages and I have reached a point of certainty regarding where it will eventually reach. I am not sure she has ever heard the song “Naked as We Came.” It was released in 2006. Each year since its release, I have increasingly viewed the lyrics as voicing optimism in and dedication to a relationship.  This song speaks to me and speaks of my optimism and my dedication.
    Happy Birthday "K." 
    Your two favorite bloggers love you!

     "Naked as We Came" by Iron and Wine

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