Sunday, August 25, 2013

“On the Shore” by Slow Skies – A Song Review

     Finding songs that personally “speak to you” is a function of luck and timing. With the technology of today, it is possible to access an overwhelming amount of music. Nearly every day, between the two of us, we hear at least twenty new songs. No complaints, it’s our passion and only wish we could justify putting more time into listening to songs that are fresh. There is an excitement and an energy that come from hearing a song for the first time and recognizing the potential that the song could be one one that improves your outlook slightly for those three or four minutes each time the song is played. And there is a sense of satisfaction and excitement that comes from hearing a song for maybe the 25th time, but this time being able to identify which particular aspect is your favorite one within the song – which aspect makes it a song you enjoy hearing more often than others.
     So, luck is a factor because no one person is able to run across every song that is potentially meaningful to her or him. And timing is a factor because an appreciation of certain songs requires that you hear the song when you are ready to accept it for what it is, rather than listening for music that fits neatly into your preferences.

     We found “On the Shore” by Slow Skies. Luck was with us! Equally importantly, the timing was right. The song spoke to our mood during the first listen. Now, it returns us to that first listen whenever we play the song.
     “On the Shore” starts with a childlike voice and minimalist instrumentation. The voice is childlike. Not childlike in the sense that it sounds like the voice of someone under the age of 16. Instead, it’s apparent that there is a talent in the voice, but the quality is not where it will be after the vocalist has time to hone her skills. The voice sometimes shows hints of maturity and other times gets out of the way of a purer voice. Then, at the 2:49 mark of the song, the first voice gains that maturity, the music swells, and the song separates itself from other songs, even ones we enjoy.
     "On the Shore" by Slow Skies

     Slow Skies is based in Dublin, Ireland. A number of other blogs identify Slow Skies as a duo compised of Karen Sheridan and Conal Herron, but their Facebook page adds Patrick O'Laoghaire. 
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