Wednesday, August 28, 2013

“Home” by Odd Us – A Song Review

     On March 11, the Indie Obsessive blog entry included more than ten songs with the single-word title “Home.”  Since then, more songs have been released with the same title, but haven’t been added to the list – until today. In a past life, Aras Baskauskas was on the television show “Survivor.” Now he is a singer/songwriter. He uses the moniker Odd Us because of the difficulty in pronouncing his Lithuanian last name.
     We ran into the song “Home” by Odd Us and enjoyed it immediately. The beginning is upbeat and well arranged. We like the use of a muffled voice (megaphoned?) in the first 20 seconds and how it is then joined by a second voice that is unmuffled. We particularly like the array of instruments, including a parade whistle.
     Seeing the video put us over the edge. The video starts with the opening of a dumpster and ends with the closing of a car’s trunk. In between, there are scenes that provide an understanding for the reference to “I’m Coming Home."

     "Home" by Odd Us

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