Thursday, August 1, 2013

“The Breach” by Dustin Tebbutt – A Song Review

     We respect Bon Iver and the band’s sound. In fact, we had a feeling of connection with the song “Flume” when it was released in 2008. Moreover, we gravitate toward anything having an association with Wisconsin, since there are so many close relatives who reside in the state.
     Still, there is a desire to introduce the members of Bon Iver to the joys of caffeine. We are aware of the difficulties that were faced and conquered by the frontman of Bon Iver, but energy can be a good thing. Their song “Calgary” is one exception since it goes up tempo for a while, but it does return to the lower energy level.
      Well, Dustin Tebbutt picked up the baton and is now in a full sprint with his first single. That is, Tebbutt has taken what we like about Bon Iver and then made it better. The song is “The Breach.” Tebbutt is an Australian, but he explains that he relocated to Sweden for a couple of years in order the write and record the EP that will arrive later this year. The EP will include "The Breach."
     It’s difficult to find information about Dustin Tebbutt, other than what he provides on his website and Facebook page. Oh well, the song is what counts anyway.
     Contributions to the song include those of Josh Schuberth (drums and added production), Rikard Lindhamn (bass), Josh Oxley (added voice) and Steffan Johnson (added mixing). Oh, the photograph at the top of this blog entry is attributed to Stan Erskine.
     "The Breach" by Dustin Tebbutt

Lyrics for "The Breach"
We’re all scared of trenches
And grow weak at knees
I want you to know that.
If all you’ve ever wanted was a dream
Then you know that I can’t help you.

But did I show you love
In the author on my face
‘Cause you know you left a hollow
Where your body cut an alcove.
Did I show you love
‘Cause the silence never stayed
It’s a breach I’ll never cover.

You happened out the back door
Laying bare this need
You open up this vessel.
And gather all the quivers
That never got to fly
And a one and only cipher.

     Currently, Dustin Tebbutt is offering downloads of “The Breach” for the price of an email address (and optionally a tip). Embedded below is the NoiseTrade opportunity.

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