Sunday, August 18, 2013

“Faces” by Reuben Hollebon – A Song Review

     “Faces” is a song we immediately appreciated. It is a song that begins at one level of energy and urgency and then periodically rises to a higher level, until dropping back at the end. It’s a formula that initiates a positive reaction, at least when the formula is appied to us.
     Within "Faces," sometimes the increase in the level of energy/urgency is a result of adding an instrument. Other times, the vocals play the key role, such as the urgency transition leading to the two-minute mark. The falsetto is effective.
     At least for today, “Faces” is being offered as a free download. But a visit to the Facebook page of Reuben Hollebon indicates that a release is scheduled for August 19, so the ability to download the song without charge may end.Still, it’s certainly worth the standard cost of a download.
     The members are Reuben Hollebon, Jacob Hollebon, Dave Mountain, and Josh Taffel. They are based in Norfolk, U.K.

     “Faces” by Reuben Hollebon - at least temporarily, the band is offering the song as a free download (or name your own price) at

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