Saturday, August 24, 2013

The First Indie Obsessive Just-for-Fun Quiz

    This is an attempt to (a) allow ourselves a little fun, (b) allow readers to have a little fun, and (c) write about bands and songs that we enjoy. Each of the bands/songs identified in one of the four questions is deserving of more attention that it is currently receiving.
     There are four questions. To our best guess, they are in the order of difficulty, with the "least difficult" one first. The answers are at the bottom of this entry, and there is no such thing is cheating on an Indie Obsessive quiz.

The first winner of the highly coveted Indie Obsessive “Black Licorice Vine Award” goes to the band British India, because their song “I Can Make You Love Me,“ is:
A. Dark
B. Twisted
C. Both A and B – How else do you describe a song about someone who kills himself to win the love of another.

The Los Angeles band Grizfolk changed its name from Griz Adams because of trademark issues with the owners of:
A. Griz’ at ‘em (short for “Grizzle at him,” something we just made up today)
B. Grizzly Adams (the television series)
C. Grizzly Hills 90210 (the television series)
D. Griz Whiz Beer
E. The band We Sue Everybody

Which London-based band(s) that have been featured in an Indie Obsessive blog entry is/are named after an uprising that occurred outside the UK?
A. Boxer Rebellion
B. Bastille
C. Bombay Bicycle Club
D. Both A and B
E. All of A, B, and C

Answering this question requires that you listen to the song below the four choices. 
Earlier this year, TAPE JUNk released “The Good & the Mean.” In what geographical area is the band based?
A. Nashville - That’s obvious, because Nashville has become the Indie capital of the U.S.
B. Southern United States, other than Nashville – That’s obvious, just listen to the accent.
C. Western United States – That’s obvious from the Western “feel” of the song.
D. Lisbon, Portugal – That’s obvious, why else would Lisbon be one of the choices?

The correct answer is C.
To see the dark and twisted video for the song, visit the blog entry of April 5, 2013 - CLICK HERE.

The correct answer is B, or at least we think that is why the band's name changed from Griz Adams to Grizfolk. For more about the band CLICK HERE.

The correct answer is D, 
Bombay Bicycle Club was actually named after a chain of Indian restaurants in the U.K.

The correct answer is D. 
"The Good & the Mean" has some great lyrics. For example, "I’m anchored on sobriety, but my boat’s gonna float away."
For more about TAPE JUNk:

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