Saturday, August 17, 2013

Outside Lands 2013 – On the Move

     Recording a quick walk through a music festival is not going to be the highlight of anyone’s weekend, we hope. But if you find yourself making the same trip multiple times over three days, it does make the walk more interesting. We did record two of our travels at Outside Lands.  Both were on Friday August 9, 2013.
     During the nine-minute walk, we traveled from the area of the Lands End Stage (Main Stage) toward the Twin Peaks Stage at the opposite end of the festival grounds. However, since no one was playing at the Twin Peaks Stage, we made the slight left turn to see The Men at the Panhandle Stage.
     This recording did experience some difficulties at about the 3-minute mark, but they are temporary (sorry).

     For the other recording, we were taking the upper path that works well in traveling from the Twin Peaks or Panhandle Stage to the Sutro Stage. The walk was intended to be timed to catch the start of the performance of Jessie Ware, but technical difficulties caused her to start 15 minutes later than scheduled. If you’re interested, her performance was better than we expected.

     Finally, we took a short clip of the night lighting. The two iconic windmills on the Polo Field and the trees are well represented. To the right is a picture looking on the opposite side of the Polo Field - showing the green Domes and the trees beyond the Domes.

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