Friday, August 30, 2013

Eddie Vedder as the Lead Singer for Mumford & Sons?

     Have you ever had difficulty falling asleep while wondering how it would sound if Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam were the lead singer of Mumford & Sons? Well, we haven’t either. But the good news is that thanks to the U.K. band The Sea Atlas, we won’t ever have to start the questioning.
     The Sea Atlas is based in Uig, Isle of Lewis. The members seem to have a good sense of humor. For example, the Facebook page of the band identifies the members as "Calum Buchanan, Ian Schouten, Kenny Maclennan, and who ever we can rope into it..."

     For comparison, below are the songs “Towers” by The Sea Atlas and “Society” by Eddie Vedder. We like both, but favor the song by The Sea Atlas because we are firmly embedded in a trumpet-seeking phase of our Indie obsessiveness.
      “Towers” by The Sea Atlas

     “Society” by Eddie Vedder

Other offerings from The Sea Atlas that we like include “Questions” and “In Snow.”

     “In Snow”

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  1. dude doesn't sound anything like Eddie Vedder. He does sound a bit like the singer from Wintersleep mixed with one of the singers of Gomez though.