Monday, August 5, 2013

Filligar – A San Francisco Concert Opportunity (And Elsewhere)

     Filligar is a Chicago band with a good sound and bad timing. Their San Francisco appearance is only four days after the city’s three-day music festival – Outside Lands. If you believe in the existence of music hangovers, you likely apply a formula in which  the duration of the “dis-ease” is equal to the number of days during which it was acquired. That equates to concert-goers in the San Francisco area reemerging sometime Thursday. Mathematically, that means that the Filligar visit is post-hangover. But there will be lingering effects.
      It’s time to consider the opportunity now, so that we don’t have regrets later. Filligar will be at Cafe Du Nord on August 15. The opening bands are Torches and Tracing Figures. Tickets are a mere $12 and are available by CLICKING HERE.

      The members of Filligar are Casey Gibson, Johnny Mathias, Pete Mathias, and Teddy Mathias. Yes, Johnny, Pete and Teddy are related – they are brothers. They started as Filligar in 2000, but didn’t release their first album until 2005 and gained real traction in the Indie world only after the release of the album “The Nerve” in 2010. Our song of choice from that album is “Ticket Line,” but we’re more interested in songs from “Hexagon,” the 2013 offering that includes “New Local” and “Photos of Madrid.”
       “New Local” by Filligar

       “Photos of Madrid” by Filligar - currently, this is a free and recommended download.

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