Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Girl Power Video That Doesn’t “Borrow” from the Beastie Boys

     Earlier this year, a toy manufacturer (Goldieblox, Inc.) used its version of the Beastie Boys song “Girls” in a video. Goldieblox then pulled the Beastie Boys into a lawsuit to determine whether it had the right to use the song. The message of the video was certainly one we support – girls should not be stereotyped out of the sciences. On the other hand, we don’t support the company’s legal finagling. Hey Goldieblox, take a lesson from the duo Faul & Wad Ad. 
     Faul is a DJ in France, whose actual name is Maxime. “Faul” is German for “Lazy,” a nickname given to Maxime by his brother. Wad Ad is a producer in Paris, with the actual name of Camil.
     The French duo found a Youtube video for a song that belonged to Pnau, which was a side project of a member of Empire of the Sun. The song was “Baby” and segments of its Youtube video included a choir. [This is where the story is different from the Goldieblox situation.] Faul and Wad Ad did not make a video until they were authorized to use the property of others. Obviously, they do things very differently in France than in California.
     Here is the video for “Changes.” Gotta love the saxophone and the cinematography. Our recommendation is that you put the video in "full screen" mode.  

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