Monday, December 9, 2013

Keeping Wisconsin on the Music Map

     A number of states would be well represented on a U.S. map having a pin for each Indie band that claims the state as its “home.” Some examples are Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, and Tennessee. But we are headed to Wisconsin in this blog post, because it has done some catching up this year. 
     Indie Obsessive has already been introduced to Volcano Choir, which is a 2013 joint project of Justin Vernon (frontman of Bon Iver) and Collections of Colonies of Bees, a Wisconsin-based band. Our preferred song by Volcano Choir is "Byegone."

     Field Report is also a friend of Indie Obsessive. We are fans of the song “Taking Alcatraz,” a song with a message we praised in a January post. Field Report is based in Milwaukee.

     Another Wisconsin band with a 2013 release is I’m Not a Pilot, which is based in Milwaukee. The members are Mark Glatzel (vocals and keys | Steve Vorass Jr. (“beats and loops”), Peter Thomas (vocals and cello), and Adrian Esguerra (vocals and bass). We can praise I’m Not a Pilot from a variety of angles. The songwriting is strong, the use of falsetto is attractive, and it appears from the videos that they are a great live show. But what sets the band apart is the use of the cello, similar to the feature we love about Geographer, which is a San Francisco-based band. Thomas plays in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, in addition to making his contributions to the music of I’m Not a Pilot.
      The band is offering six songs at a Noisetrade site. Our song of preference is “No Order,” but we recommend “In a Bind” as well.

     Boom Forest identifies itself as being from Baraboo/Nashville (i.e., Wisconsin and Tennessee). But a quick headcount of the members gives the clear edge to Wisconsin. Boom Forest is larger than the typical band, based on the Bandcamp offering of the band. The list of members in the order of their “hometowns” is below the music. The band is described as “the spiritual wailings of John Paul Roney from the automated woods of tomorrow.”
     Embedded here is the Bandcamp offering. We recommend "Analog Cowboy and "Baby Teeth."

Boom Forest band members:
From Baraboo, Wisconsin
John Paul Roney - guitars, vocals, and percussion
Davey Roberts - drums, guitar, keys, piano, tenor guitar, and mandolin
Zach Johnston - banjo
Matt Roberts - vocals, bass, cello, piano, keys, and synth
Cheston Van Huss - clarinet, flute, backing vocals
Jason Krunnfusz - backing vocals
Monica Martin - vocals
Matt Holmen - electric guitar
Dan Govier - synth, electronic drums, backing vocals
Brittany Hayes - harp
From West Allis, Wisconsin
Eric Hillman - piano, keys, backing vocals
From Little America, Wisconsin
Brian Holl - guitar, vocals, whistles
From Nashville, Tennessee
Erin Rae McCaskle - vocals
Albuquerque "Mr. Cookies" Roney baby bunny
From Minnesota
Nate Babbs - drums
From California
Rick Parker - mixing, drums, percussion, bass 

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