Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Best of 2013 in Choir (Mostly)

     December is the best month for music lovers. Yes, even better than the month of March, when SXSW occurs. The blogosphere is populated with many “Best Songs of the Year” lists, allowing discovery of songs which may have slipped through the cracks for you. We certainly take advantage of those lists. Well, this isn’t officially one of those lists, but it is close enough.
      On July 21, we listed our favorite songs that contain at least one trumpet. Then, on October 21, we went with songs that feature whistling. This post is our choir-featured list of 2013, but there is at least one song from late 2012 that we didn’t hear until early 2013. Another caveat – the songs are ranked from one to ten, but the ranking is not scientific. If we started the ranking again tomorrow, the order would be different. Because they are so closely bunched, we are going to start from the top, rather than following the convention of finishing with the number one song.

1.     “Oh Sailor” by Mr Little Jeans

 2.    “"Part of the Echoes" by Embers

3.     “Steam Dream" by Andy Dream

 4.    “Sacrilege" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs - on David Letterman, since the choir leader is a show in herself.

5.     “We No Who U R" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

6.      “Step Out" by Jose Gonzalez

7.      “Violent Heart" by The North

8.      “Blue Flower" by Paradise

9.      “Home" by Skylight Avenue

10.      “The Haunted Man" by Bat for Lashes

11.      “The Nothing Part II" by Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper

12. "Stick Up Kids" by Kool Head - the free download is in the .wav format, if that matters.

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