Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Silver Firs – A Band Review

     We intended to introduce Silver Firs to Indie Obsessive this year and there are only ten hours left. Since the band is based in Bern, Switzerland, there is only about 90 minutes left by their clocks. So, we quickly introduce the blogsite to Siver Firs and its members Olivier Vogel, Belia Winnewisser, David Elmiger, Moritz Stettler, Christoph Barmettler, and Raphael Elmiger.
     In June 2013, Silver Firs released a three-track EP that was cleverly named EP#1. They seem to have a firm grasp of the notion that creative music writing is more important than creative music naming. 
     We particularly enjoy the band’s emphasis on percussion and the surfer-like guitar tone in the song “Motherland.”

     Our first experience with Silver Firs was sometime in 2012, when we heard “Away We Go.” The band is still allowing free downloads of the song, if you head to http://silverfirs.bandcamp.com/track/away-we-go-2. But we like the direction of the band, since the current EP has more of a draw for us.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silverfirsmusic

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