Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Canadian Peak Performance Project

     In each of the last seven years, Peak Performance Project held a contest that is open to all British Columbia musicians. In 2013, Vancouver’s Rykka (Christina Maria) walked away with the first place money of more than $100,000. But each of twnety finalists received at least $5,000. Fortunately for all of us, Peak Performance Project allows free and legal downloads of the 20 songs. There are two options: (1) the songs can be downloaded individually/selectively from Soundcloud and (2) the entire collection can be downloaded as a ZIP file at the site

Below is the list of twenty finalists and their hometowns. We also embedded our recommended songs. 
Amble Greene (Ocean Park)
Bestie (Vancouver)
Coldwater Road (Vancouver)
Greg Dummond (Port Moody)
Melissa Endean (Vancouver)
Hannah Epperson (Vancouver)
Fallbrigade (Victoria)
Luca Fogale (Burnaby)
Good For Grapes (Surrey)
Lydia Hol (Vancouver)
Bodhi Jones (Vancouver)
Lions in the Street (Vancouver)
Dougal Bain McLean (Victoria)
Oh No! Yoko (Abbotsford)
Rolla Olak (Vancouver)
Rykka (Surrey)
The Lion The Bear The Fox (Ladysmith/Vancouver)
Towers and Trees (Victoria)
Van Damsel (Kamloops)
Willhorse (Golden)

Van Damsel - "The Sunshine, Girl" There is a hint of the band Grouplove here, but without a female vocalist.

Bodhi Jones - "Never Learned How to Dance"

The Lion The Bear The Fox - "Room 32"

Coldwater Road – "Seven Letters"

Towers and Trees - "Montreal"


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