Sunday, December 1, 2013

“December” by The Green Apple Sea – A Song Review

     It is appropriate to consider a song entitled “December” on the first day of this month. The song is the latest release from The Green Apple Sea. The band is based in Germany, although that would not have been our guess. Certainly, the band name does not hint at the connection with Germany. And the vocals do not evidence a German accent. Well, all that matters is the music, right?
     According to the band’s Facebook page, “It's complicated! All these people are The Green Apple Sea sometimes: Henrik Schoch, Frank Theismann, Christian Ebert, Frank Mollena, Stefan Prange, Lena Dobler, Hans-Christian Fuss, Tobias Helmlinger, Flo Kenner, and Patrick Göbel.”
     “December” has a short intro portion that transitions at the 0:22 second mark to an acoustic guitar and soft vocals. There are swells during the chorus, and we enjoy them. But, it’s at the 2:18 mark that the song takes off. The banjo enters and works with the other instruments to convey the emotion: 
There’s nothing that you can say. There’s nothing that you can do. Somewhere deep inside, I’m always gonna hurt you.” 
So, it’s just time to move along – "Everything’s gonna be alright.”
     "December" by The Green Apple Sea

     "One of a Million" by The Green Apple Sea

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