Monday, December 9, 2013

“I Will Find You” by Lyon Apprentice – A Song Review

     No question, it is time to start taking notes to write a post about Indie bands that include at least two brothers. Were there always so many brother-formed bands that are worthy of attention, but we just weren’t paying attention? Within the last year, we have included blog entries about a band with two sets of brothers (Nervous Nellie) and a band with four brothers (Brown Shoe).
     It’s time to introduce another one to Indie Obsessive. Lyon Apprentice is Adam and Nathan Lyons in Gold Coast, Australia. They recently released their second single, "I Will Find You.” The song is an accumulation of features worthy of appreciation. Let’s consider some of the possibilities:
Harmonization to admire – check
At least one energy swell – check
Shoegaze – check
Variations in instruments – check
Horns - check
     "I Will Find You” by Lyon Apprentice 

Artwork: Ashleigh White & Tanya Lee Fraser

     Another song we like is "Beautiful Thought" by Lyon Apprentice

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