Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Music for All Year

     Radio stations and stores move to their Holiday playlists in November and stay with them until at least December 25th. Then, the songs go into hibernation, since they sound completely out of place during any other time. But there are a few exceptions.
     By far the best example of a Holidays-related song that can pass as a season-neutral track is “Excelsis Deo” by There Will Be Fireworks. The band is from Glasgow, Scotland and comprises Nicholas McManus, David Madden, Adam Ketterer, Stuart Dobbie, and Gibran Farrah.
     “Excelsis Deo” by There Will Be Fireworks

     The other song we want to mention is more closely related to Christmas. We admit it. Nevertheless, it belongs here, since it wouldn’t cause mass movement to the radio dial if it were to be played in August. The song is “This Year” by Londoner Ben Hood.
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