Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best Songs of 2013 Songs 41-50

     This is the fifth of five sets of ten songs. The other sets are:
Songs 1 through 10 – CLICK HERE
Songs 11 through 20 – CLICK HERE
Songs 21 through 30 – CLICK HERE
Songs 31 through 40 – CLICK HERE

41. “Put Me Out” by The Night

42. “Au Pair” by Underground Lovers (This is a free download.)

43. Bootstraps “Fortyfive” (This is a free download.)

44. “Canvas of Me” by Migrant Kids (Another free download)

45. “Home" by Daughter

46. “The Ceiling” by The Wild Feathers

47. “Shake the Dust” by Evil Eyes (Yet another free download.)

48. “Minimal Love” by Freddie Dickson (Free download if you enter information.)

49. “Living in a Country” by Brave Baby

50. The list ends with a video. Public Service Broadcasting is a London-based duo. The duo combines their music with historical clips and news snippets. This one is “London Can Take It.”

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