Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Chapel Steps It Up

     In October 2012, The Chapel opened in San Francisco as a music venue. At one time, the building was a mortuary with a chapel room, which is where the bands now perform. The configuartion of the room (pictured above) and its forty-foot ceiling present challenges for the sound system, but the sound quality has improved noticeably since the early concert opportunities at The Chapel.
     Even in the first few months of operation as a music venue, The Chapel was able to attract some quality bands. Still, in terms of consistency of drawing power, the venue appears to be stepping it up in 2104. And the consistency is not a result of finding something that works, repeat, and repeat again. The bands already booked to play in 2014 vary widely with respect to genre and the attention they receive in the music community. For example, the UK band Toy features psychedelic rock and guitars, Mother Falcon is a large (about 17 members) Austin-based orchestral band, and Arthur Beatrice is a London rock band with an emphasis on melodic vocalization.
     Embedded below are songs from bands scheduled to perform at The Chapel in the first three months of 2014. In each case, we either already purchased tickets for the performance or we are waiting to see if there are conflicts that will prevent us from attending.

MARCH 6 - Arthur Beatrice
     Indie Obsessive is littered with positive references to Arthur Beatrice. In fact, we listed their song “Grand Union” as our favorite track of 2013 within the listing at:
Arthur Beatrice will be at The Chapel on March 6. For ticket information CLICK HERE.

MARCH 4 - San Fermin
     The Chapel will host San Fermin two days before the visit of Arthur Beatrice. This is a Brooklyn band that has received some attention from satellite radio play of “Sonsick.” We also like “Daedalus (What We Have),” so both are embedded here.
San Fermin will be at The Chapel on March 4. For ticket information CLICK HERE.

January 18 - TOY
     On January 18th, Toy will be the headliner at The Chapel. Toy qualifies as a “guitar band.” Are experience is that even if it’s a song you enjoy in your car, a song of a guitar band is almost always more enjoyable in a live setting.
 Toy will be at The Chapel on January 18. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.

February 13 - Royal Teeth and CHAPPO
     Royal Teeth are a pop band from Louisiana. Earlier this year, they opened for a band we were anxious to see (A Silent Film). Royal Teeth was a pleasant surprise. They are a high energy live band with an ability to connect with the audience. The opening band is CHAPPO.
 Royal Teeth and CHAPPO will be at The Chapel on Febuary 13. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.
Royal Teeth - "Wild"

CHAPPO - "Come Home"

January 20 - Pure Bathing Culture
     Staying in the pop scene, Pure Bathing Culture was given attention in the blogosphere this year. The song “Pendulum” in particular found its way into many blogs. This is our first mention, but the band certainly deserves to be included in a post about interesting bands scheduled to play at The Chapel. 
Pure Bathing Culture will be at The Chapel on January 20. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.

February 27 - Mother Falcon
     As noted above, Mother Falcon will be paying a visit. The better phrase may be that they will be invading The Chapel. Seventeen members – you cannot question the love a band has for its music when it has to split the payment seventeen ways.
 Mother Falcon will be at The Chapel on February 27. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.

March 15 - This Will Destroy You
     This Will Destroy You is another Texas band (like Mother Falcon), but that’s as far as the similarities extend. In terms of music, This Will Destroy You is much closer to Explosions in the Sky. The band is about lengthy and layered instrumental tracks.
 This Will Destroy You will be at The Chapel on March 15. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.

January 23 - Wooden Shjips
     It seems fitting to end with a San Francisco Bay Area connection. Wooden Shjips will hit The Chapel on January 23. For tjicket jinformatjion, CLICK HERE.

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