Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“Big Sound Bands” - Revisited

     In May, we referred to “Big Sound Bands” that use an orchestral approach to providing a texturally full sound to an Indie recording. In that post, we introduced Indie Obsessive to “Part of the Echoes” by Embers and “Enemies” by Pylo. Because we have a preference for the number three, we added John Newman’s “Love Me Again.” Today, we would like to add another three.
     Efterklang is an Indie Rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The most recent of their four studio albums is slightly more than a year old, but we’re going back even further. “Modern Drift” is a track from the 2010 release of “Magic Chairs.” There is an array of members who contribute to live performances by Efterklang, but the three core members are Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer, and Rasmus Stolberg.
      “Modern Drift” by Efterlang

     Khushi is based in London. Their song “Magpie” is very pleasant for the first 1:30. Then, it gets better, as the instruments move from being mere background sounds to being on equal par with the vocals. Still, “Magpie” gets even better when the horns enter. As we have noted in the past, we aren’t big fans of videos. However, we enjoy the video for this song. It shows an elderly couple. The man seems incapable of showing the love he has for his wife, unless they are together on the dance floor.
      “Magpie" by Khushi

     The Fauns are a quintet in Bristol, UK. Their song “Seven Hours” relies on processing to obtain that “Big Sound Band” description. There’s shoegaze guitar, whisper-like vocalization, wall of sound guitar portions, and either actual or synth-based horns. It works! “Seven Hours” is a track on the sophomore album of The Fauns. The “Lights” album was released yesterday.
     “Seven Hours” by The Fauns

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