Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free and Legal 22-Song Collection of Australian Indie

     As part of Australian music month (Ausmusic Month), Triple J Unearthed released a collection of 22 songs as a free and legal download. If you are not familiar with Triple J, it is the premiere site for Australian Indie music. The homepage is http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/default.htm.

    The link for downloading the 22 song collection is: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/unearthed/mixtape/14/. The list of 22 songs can be found at the bottom of this post. There are other genres represented within the collection and there are other worthwhile songs, but we embedded our top four.

     Winterbourne – “Cold” - This is a band with other songs that are worth exploring, such as "Steady My Bones."

     Sahara Beck – “Brother Sister” - We could only find a remix of this song on Soudcloud, so here is the Youtube share. If for no other reason, the percussion makes this song blogworthy.

     Montaigne – “I Am Not An End”

     Japanese Wallpaper – “Between Friends” (Ft. Jesse Davidson)

The 22 songs on the free download:
Hockey Dad – “I Need A Woman”
Montaigne – “I Am Not An End”
Coin Banks – “Someone” (Ft. Anders & The Ruby Horns)
Japanese Wallpaper – “Between Friends” (Ft. Jesse Davidson)
Ceres – “I Feel Fine, I Feel Sick”
WAAX – “Wisdom Teeth”
Little Deed – “Neon”
UV boi – “THANK U” (Ft. Fionn Richards)
Trophy Eyes – “May 24”
Slumberjack – “Felon”
Sahara Beck – “Brother Sister”
GL – “What Happened To Us?”
Winterbourne – “Cold”
WZRDKID – “Hitchhiker's Galaxy”
Airling – “Ouroboros”
Babaganouj – “Bluff”
Client Liaison – “That's Desire”
Julia Why? – “Painkiller”
Spookyland – “The Silly Fucking Thing”
Kucka – “Unconditional”
Horror My Friend – “Kaleidoscope”
Hopium – “Dreamers” (Ft. Phoebe Lou)

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