Saturday, November 22, 2014

Smallpools, Magic Man and Panama Wedding – A Concert Review

      The below concert review was contributed by Clark G., who joined us at The Independent in San Francisco for the first of a two-night visit by Smallpools, Magic Man and Panama Wedding.  

     Some concerts feature bands that play songs with carefully crafted lyrics about love, war, or politics; they seek to make a statement. I usually leave these performances feeling enlightened. 
Smallpools at The Independent
    Other concerts feature bands that play songs with beautiful melodies; they are more concerned with instruments than with lyrics. I usually leave these performances feeling I need to practice harder on my guitar. 
Smallpools - Sean Scanlon
     Yet other concerts feature bands that say “Screw that, let's party, dance and have a good time.” Last night we saw three bands that embodied this latter group. My two favorites were Magic Man and Smallpools. Both bands played high-energy danceable music with lots of flashing lights. Magic Man featured an engaging front man with all the dance moves, and a very skilled lead guitarist. Smallpools front man was very good at engaging the audience and the drummer performed a now-rare drum solo. In addition, Smallpools threw out a giant inflatable killer whale (long story, but note the "Killer Whales" song below and the video at the bottom of this post) for the audience to bounce around. I left this performance feeling like I'd been to a party.
Smallpools - Beau Kuther
Smallpools - Mike Kamerman

Magic Man - Alex Caplow
Magic Man - Justine Bowe

Panama Wedding - Peter Kirk, Kenny Bernard (drums)
Panama Wedding - Jared McCarthy




  1. The new album, Lovetap! from Smallpools drops 3/24!! Check out "Karaoke"

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