Tuesday, November 11, 2014

“Tied Up in Nottz” by Sleaford Mods – A Song Review

     We know it’s English, but don’t claim to understand half of it. Sure, “Kevin’s getting footloose” and “Release… the Kraken” are references to movies. We get that. And yes, “the final countdown” and “cruel to be kind” are references to songs. Internet searching helps clear some of the confusion - “Weetabix” is a cereal in the UK. Still, we are left scratching our heads.
     So what? If we only wrote about subjects we fully understood, we would have run out of things to say about cartoons a long time ago. What we know for sure is that Sleaford Mods are from Nottingham, UK and comprise punkers Jason Williamson Andrew Fearn.

     “Tied Up in Nottz” by Sleaford Mods

Website: http://www.sleafordmods.com/

The lyrics of “Tied Up in Nottz” 
(with changes suggested in the comments to this post. Thanks guys!)

The smell of piss is so strong
It smells like decent bacon
Kevin's getting footloose on the overspill
Under the piss-station
Two pints destroyer on the cobbled floors
No amount of whatever is gonna chirp the chip up
It's the final countdown, by f**kin' Journey
I woke up with shit in my sock outside the Polish off-licence
"They don't mind" said the arsehole to the legs
You got to be cruel to be kind, shit man
Save it up like Norbert Colon
Release the stench of shit grub like a giant toilet Kraken
The lonely life that is Tory
I got an armful of decent tunes, mate
But it's all so f**kin' boring

Tied up in Nottz, Nottz with a Z, you c**t
Black t-shirts and state toss
Nobby's nuts, the rule of rough cuts
A to Z of nothing gets all the shiz
We are real, we are lucky, 20p in the 10p mix
Crab eyes, another lonely little DJ with no f**kin' life
Weetabix, England, f**kin' shredded wheat, Kelloggs c**ts
On bleak shiz, on our c*ck, the green light don't stop
The shit homegrown dealers of Berlin begging for lolly
And it's beautiful how the privileged still let 'em in

Tied up in Nottz, Shit!
And then the dealer's tipped up!
...Big up the riots!


  1. I'm an obsessed with this song.

  2. Ha Ha , me too , listening to it every day . Your missus is spectacularly beautiful . Has she got a sister ?

    1. So you're into women who are half bald & could pass off as a man. Geezer, you're so deep in the closet you're in fucking Narnia.

  3. Isn't it Norbert ( not Norman ) Colon , the Viz character ( he's tight as a gnat's chuff ) ?

  4. I think the lyric is "dealer's tipped up" rather than "tip top". I don't know if you say "tipped up" in the US, but it would basically mean the same as "the dealer's shown up" or "arrived". In England, only a posh cunt would say "tip top", so the Sleaford Mods would probably only ever use it to take the piss, which I don't think they're doing here.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Tip top is said by all classes. It's more commonly used with certain nouns though like "he took her to this proper tip top restaurant up town." Just think of the 10p ice lols "tip tops" and how common they are with kids from any class. It'll just be different region by region in how common it is... but it's not like "spiffing" where only a posh person would say it unless they were mocking someone. You're right tipped up means he's arrived. It's the same idea as "popping up to see you." Just didn't want to misinform people.

  5. Also I reckon it's "the lonely life that is Tory" rather than "touring", reference to much loathed British Conservative party.

  6. We are looking 20p in the 10p mix.
    Not shit man its shit bank
    On hard cock not our cock

  7. Being in the USA it's all foreign slang but I get the attitude. What about Final Countdown by fucking Journey? It sounds like it but it's by fucking Europe.
    I enjoy his precise diction and gasping between verses. It's fucking bizarre but also contains commitment which I appreciate.