Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Were Promised Jetpacks and Twilight Sad – A Concert Review

     Bottom line concert review – If you were among the attendees anticipating a Scottish wall of sound, you had to be pleased. During their setlist, We Were Promised Jetpacks provided an effective mixture of favorites from early albums and songs from the recently released album “Unravelling.” The opening band, Twilight Sad, is no longer the wall-of-sound band they once were, but there were no objections from last night's audience.
      We Were Promised Jetpacks visited Bimbo's in San Francisco last night. The band walked onto the stage  with “Safety in Numbers” already rolling. It proved to be an effective energy starter. But it was the third song, “Quiet Little Voices,” that created an environment in which the band provided the guitars, percussion and backup vocals for the audience vocalization. Out of respect (pity) for those around us, we tend to refrain from singing along with performers at a concert. Not last night!!! At least not during “Quiet Little Voices.” 

      A personal highlight was “Keeping Warm.” It is the background music of a favorite commercial in which a “flash crowd” shows up unexpectedly at an adult league hockey game.

     This was not the first opportunity to see Twilight Sad. But the band has evolved from the wall of sound group that Pat and I saw in San Jose. They are now “darker” and more melodic. But one vestige of the original sound of Twilight Sad is the almost constant use of the whammy bar by the lead guitarist. Paying attention to the whammy techniques was a show all by itself.

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