Sunday, November 30, 2014

“100 Lanterns” by YOU – A Song Review

Contributor: Karen M.
     Admittedly, while healing from a recent broken leg, I'm drawn towards moody ethereal music as I lay on my couch watching fluffy clouds pass. "100 Lanterns" by the London-based Baroque popsters YOU is the perfect recipe - combining heaping measures of the haunting ethereal voice of Anna Waldmann layered atop keyboard, minimalist guitars and drums.
Quoting the email submission from YOU:
     "'100 Lanterns' is a personal lament to mark the passing of Anna's mom last year.  The track is a precursor to the bands second single ‘Anaesthetic’ due in Feb 2015.
      '100 Lanterns' is about how letting go of a struggle can be very beautiful. It was written about a memorial service that I made for my mum. It went really wrong at first and we set fire to some trees, dodged fireworks, and got covered in her ashes! At the end though we had one last lantern that we set off and it went really high in the sky.”
     As I watch the clouds pass, I'm able to envision lanterns rising, lights flickering in the sky, then wafting away.

     The members of YOU are Anna Waldmann, Sam Campbell, Harrison Bal and Massimo Alessio Zeppetelli.
     “100 Lanterns” by YOU - The track is available for free download for a limited time. 

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