Thursday, November 6, 2014

Heard from the Satellite – YelaWolf and Andrew McMahon

      There are two justifications for including songs from YelaWolf and Andrew McMahon in the same post, despite their fundamentally different musical styles. First, there’s timing - we heard both songs on satellite radio during a single short commute. Second, there’s an appreciation – we enjoy both songs.
     YelaWolf is the stage name of Michael Wayne Atha. He is originally from Gadsden, Alabama, but homelessly lived in Berkeley, California for some time. [YelaWolf is returning to the area on Sunday Nov. 9 for a show at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz.]
      The song that caught our ear is “Till It’s Gone.” This ain’t your teen sister’s “Till It’s Gone.” There is no similarity between the Brittany Spears song and YelaWolf’s of the same title. YelaWolf is a rapper with an attitude that is readily apparent in the lyrics of “Till It’s Gone.” 

     This is an attitude adjustment – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is almost on the opposite end of the musical spectrum from YelaWolf. McMahon is based in the Los Angeles area. The song we enjoy is “Cecilia and the Satellite,” a song from the self-titled album  that was released on October 14, 2014.  

     Another “Till It’s Gone” is offered by Matthew Griswold. He is an Indie Folk performer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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