Sunday, November 23, 2014

“Never Know Love” by Lora McHugh – A Song Review

     Lora McHugh is a singer/songwriter who originally claimed the San Francisco Bay Area as her home. However, she is now living in the Los Angeles area. Her most recent release is “Never Know Love,” and you can count Indie Obsessive as a fan.
     “Never Know Love” is a song about a lost love from the perspective of a person who was prepared for a meaningful relationship with someone who, as it turned out, was not ready. As a result, both are left with emotional experiences and relationship possibilities that they will “never know.” In the video, the periodic glimpses of the slowly setting sun represent the end of any hope the relationship may have had.
     The song shows that a strength of Lora McHugh is her ability to maintain pitch and vocal power while stretching a syllable across multiple beats. That ability is used effectively with the impassioned lyrics of “Never Know Love.”

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