Sunday, November 9, 2014

Free Downloads in preparation for Concert Opportunities

    Free Downloads??? If you are considering the wisdom of purchasing a ticket for an upcoming concert in your area, one potentially valuable tool is Noisetrade, which is used by bands to gain exposure by temporarily allowing free downloads (tips appreciated) of their music. Only an email address and postal code are required.  At first, we didn't give our actual postal code, but started to do so when we realized that the purpose is to allow the band to send email notifications when the band is performing within or near that postal code.  If you are inclined not to distribute your main email address, just take the time to register an extra Gmail or Yahoo account.
     Downloads from Noisetrade are songs in an MP3 format, so you can play the songs “at will,” using your preferred music player – concert preparation made easy. Below are Noisetrade offers from bands heading to San Francisco in the next few weeks. A Soundcloud version of a song from each offer is included, since Soudcloud allows you to skip within the song. Skipping permits quicker but more informed decisions as to whether you like the song.

     Roadkill Ghost Choir will be in San Francisco on December 11 – at Milk Bar. Our favorite song from their Noisetrade offer is clearly “Slow Knife.” But we’ve posted the song already, so here is Beggars’ Guild. To sample all of the songs, just click on the arrow in the embedded offer.

     We’re fans of the trumpet of Driver Friendly. Unfortunately, the band isn’t a fan of Soundcloud. The Noisetrade offer is one song – “There, There.” It starts with an LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends" feel to it. If you enjoy the song, try others by Driver Friendly, because they get even better – try the post at Friendly will be at the Brick & Mortar on Wednesday November 11.

     Oh Hellos and The Collection will be at Rickshaw Stop on Tuesday November 11 (it is sold out).

     The Collection is a “Chamber” band. 

      Another Chamber band is San Francisco’s The Family Crest, which will be at The Independent on December 6.

      On November 15, Streets of Laredo will visit Neck of the Woods.

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