Monday, November 3, 2014

“Throwing Stones” by Empathy Test – A Song Review

     “Blade Runner” was a science fiction movie released in 1982. Various bands have used the film as the inspiration for selecting their band names. With only a small amount of fact checking, we can verify that bands have performed as Blade Runner, Bladerunner, Replicant, Replicants, and Kick Kick Murder Squad. But until recently, the bands linked to the film haven’t been particularly interesting to us.
     Enter Empathy Test. In Blade Runner, an empathy test was used to distinguish a human from a bioengineered replicant. The questions of an empathy test often related to the treatment of animals, since replicants were less empathetic toward the mistreatment of animals. So, why is that important? Sheepishly stated, it isn’t – sorry.
   Empathy Test is a London Electronic Pop group formed of Isaac Howlett (singer/songwriter) and Adam Relf (digital composer). The song “Throwing Stones” is a single on Empathy Test’s upcoming EP, which is scheduled to drop on December 9, 2014. The vocalization is the greatest strength of "Throwing Stones."

     “Throwing Stones” by Empathy Test

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