Sunday, November 16, 2014

SPIES Allows Free Downloads of “Moosehead”

      Not everyone enjoys shoegaze guitar as much as we do. We recognize that. And not everyone shares our appreciation for lyrics that shift between being meaningless and being inspired, depending upon the mood of the listener. But we all share the joy of finding a bargain. The song “Moosehead” is available as a free download – one that we highly recommended.
     Each month, the Music Alliance Pact (MAP) makes a collection of songs available as a free and legal download. The November collection includes “Moosehead” by the Irish band SPIES. There are two options if you travel to the website of The Pop Cop at The options are:
      1. You can selectively download the songs by using the "Save as" capability of your web browser; or
      2. You can download all the entire collection as a ZIP files.

     We are also embedding “Yearner” by SPIES to show that the band is not a “one hit shoegaze wonder.”

     We love some of the verses of “Moosehead.” As examples:
     A. “My mind is a six story building with suits and dresses, upon dresses, entering in. My mind’s a freight train of thought that catches…”  
      B. “Let’s toast to not saying things we’re not meant to say. And let’s serenade the neighbor’s staying up to stay…”   

      The members of SPIES are Michael Broderick (vocals), Conor Cusack (lead guitar), Neil Dexter (rhythm guitar), Hugh O’Dwyer (bass), and Jeffrey Courtney (drums).

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