Monday, November 24, 2014

“WeSee” by W.A.F. Collective – A Song Review

     We’re fans of anthems. So, the attention is immediately grabbed by lyrics that begin, "We're out of touch with our culture; I guess we better get our own." And we’re fans of Indie in all media. So, the attention is locked in when a band introduces itself with the statement, “W.A.F is a Swedish collective consisting of a band, illustrators and writers working together on a multiplatform project…”
     The song is “WeSee.” It has been compared to the sound of the now-disbanded WU LYF, and it’s a fair comparison. But Indie Obsessive predicts a brighter future for W.A.F. Collective than WU LYF has as its past (and we liked WU LYF!).

       “WeSee” by W.A.F. Collective

       “Spirit Walk” by W.A.F. Collective - Currently a free download.

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