Saturday, November 22, 2014

“Heart Melter” by Alma Elste – A Song Review

Contributor: Karen M.

     It's that time of year, when (if you live in the U.S.) many of us are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Our thoughts turn towards remembering to practice gratitude.  Today, among many things, I'm grateful the song "Heart Melter," by the 22-year-old Parisian, Alma Elste, is filling my apartment with buttery soulful pop electronica. Alma's pure vocals, mixed with playful light electronica, blend well with the slight rainfall and sounds of car wheels traversing slick streets in the distance. The sound of an owl-like "hoo hoo" that is peppered through the song helps elevate this song to varying heights, but the steady electronica keeps you grounded, while propelling you forward. 
      The email submission we received stated: "'Heart Melter' is about the mellow moment when you know something could be possible with someone you have a crush on, the moment you want to go on a life time holiday with that person and leave it all behind."  Perhaps this is why the lyrics towards the end are light, repeating "Heart Melter," mimicking the loss of words one may encounter when your heart is racing, as you are magnetized, pulled forth towards pursuing attraction. I'm crushing hard.

           “Heart Melter” by Alma Elste

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