Friday, November 28, 2014

Three for Free, Legal and Recommended (“FL&R”) – The Black Friday Entries – Part II

     Free and Legal Downloads? Yes, at least temporarily. Indie Obsessive is joining the tradition of passing on great deals on the day after Thanksgiving. Bands often temporarily permit free downloads of new releases.  The end of the offer might be based upon reaching a maximum number of downloads or the expiration of some period of time.  But at least for now, here are songs that qualify as Free, Legal and Recommended (FL&R) downloads.

      Le Very is an Electronic Pop band for Berlin, Germany. They just released the EP “Playground,” but the song “The Dive” is still available as a free download.  

     The Bombay Bicycle Club songs we enjoy the most are “Shuffle” and “Lights Out, Words Gone.” If someone had asked if we would enjoy hearing a song that combines the best qualities of the two songs, the response would have been an enthusiastic “Yes!” Well, no one asked, but the combination is available – “Chase You Down” by Joelpeter from Brighton, UK.
      “Chase You Down” by Joelpeter is currently available as a free download in a WAV format.

     Here comes one from Moscow. It’s the duo of Kate Logacheva and Ilya Dmitriev, but the performance name is Celebrine & Alien Delon.
     "Cellar Door" by  Celebrine & Alien Delon is currently a free download.

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