Wednesday, November 19, 2014

“Living & Dying” by Joshua Hyslop – A Song Preview

     During a commute, we listened to a Canadian Indie radio station; and we were introduced to “Living & Dying” by Joshua Hyslop. It left an impression – a positive one. Before the song finished, there was a commitment to pass the introduction along. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Soundcloud version, so passing the introduction to Hype Machine must wait.
     “Living & Dying” is Folk with a message. The format is a simple one, where two segments of vocals are separated by an instrumental segment. But the instrumental segment has an increased tempo and a background chorus. The final vocals segment is short, but reinforces the message that humans are having a negative impact on the earth. During the song, there is a heavy reliance on the banjo and a well-arranged use of what is likely a slide guitar.
     Joshua Hyslop is a Folk singer/songwriter in Vancouver, Canada, but his hometown is Abbotsford, British Columbia. Embedded below are the “official” video and a live studio “unplugged” version of “Living & Dying.” Also embedded is an older song from Joshua Hyslop – “What Have I Done” (feat. Anna Scouten).

     “What Have I Done” (feat. Anna Scouten).

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