Monday, February 22, 2016

“Black Cloud” by Playwrite – A Song Review

     Neither our delay in posting the song nor the brevity of the post should be interpreted as an indication of the blogworthiness of “Black Cloud.” We are fans of the song and the band that plays it – Playwrite.
     In addition to their vocal quality, Playwrite has the skill of changing the genre in mid-song, long after the casual listener has pegged the genre. While listening to “Black Cloud,” the song is almost undeniably Indie Folk for more than two minutes. Then, a guitar jumps in to add a Rock element, and the song is refreshed.

     “Black Cloud” is a track from Playwrite’s debut albm, “Cathedrals.” They are based in Melbourne, Australia. The members are Jordan White, Patrick Holcombe, Scott Barton,  Sonny Igusti, and Caity Fowler.


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