Saturday, February 20, 2016

Neulore – Their Television Presence

     A friend of Indie Obsessive sent an email, asking if we were aware of Neulore. He was watching television (Killjoys is our best guess) when a song on the soundtrack hit his ears. A couple of Shazam “clicks” later, he saw the name of a song – “Native Skin” by Neulore.
     Neulore is flying under the radar, but is still doing well in getting songs on television. Grey’s Anatomy has taken notice as well. In Season 9, the song “Shadow of a Man” was included in the Episode 18 soundtrack.
     Neulore is primarily Adam Agin and William T. Cook, but they include “a few friends.” The genre is “Modern Folk.” They are based in Nashville, Tennessee.

     “Native Skin” – love the bass

     “Shadow of a Man” – an improved Kings of Leon

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