Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Return Forever" by T.O.L.D. – A Song Review

     We once read that the use of a choir is an unimaginative mechanism for gaining a following. First, we want to voice our disagreement. Composing and delivering attractive music is much more than introducing one element. It’s the composite work that draws an audience or chases one away. Second, even if the statement were accurate, we wouldn’t care. If a single element can bring enjoyment and appreciation, let’s bring more of that element.
     The choir in "Return Forever" by T.O.L.D. is “an activity stopper.” During the first listen, the song was playing just outside our focus. Then, the choir entered at 1:23 and other activities dropped out of focus. The blend of T.O.L.D.’s voice and the female vocals has a feel of tranquility, as if the beauty is all that matters until it leaves.
     The lyrics of “Return Forever” seem to stream Amy Winehouse. But it is almost certainly unintentional, since the lines are from different Winehouse songs. Examples:
1. “Say My Name” is also said in “Best Friends.”
2. “Return Forever” is comma-separated in “You’re Wondering Now.”
3. "You've been away" is in “Back to Black.”
It would be interesting to match Winehouse lyrics to songs by other artists. This may be a common occurrence and we’ve never noticed it.

     T.O.L.D. is the abbreviation of “The Order of Life and Death” and is the performance name of Dan Smith. He is a native of Birmingham, UK, and is now located in the Los Angeles area. Coincidentally, he is the third UK artist named Dan Smith to be introduced to Indie Obsessive. The other two are members of Bastille and The Cold Start. 

      "Return Forever" by T.O.L.D.

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