Monday, February 29, 2016

“Chlorine” by Birthh – A Song Review

     A chance discovery of an artist is one of the many benefits of doing your homework prior to attending a festival. Enter Alice Bisi, who performs using the moniker Birthh. Her Facebook page identifies her current location as being in Italy, “between Florence and Nowhere.”
     On March 18, Birthh will release her debut album, “Born in the Woods.” For now, we only have access to the single “Chlorine.” The song sets expectations high. Melodically, “Chlorine” is uplifting, with its almost continuous use of a floating guitar and its crescendos. Yet, the lyrics are a dark representation of a romantic relationship gone wrong; “You make me sick. And I’d rather fall into this void than cling to your leg.

     Birthh will attend SXSW 2016 in Austin, Texas. If you’re in Austin in mid-March, it would be wise to grab the opportunity to see her. If other songs on her 10-track debut album are as strong as “Chlorine,” she will be filling much larger venues before the end of 2016.  
     “Chlorine” by Birthh


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