Sunday, February 7, 2016

With Lions and The Strumbellas – Songs Made for Live Settings

     If you keep a list of songs you’d love to see performed live, here are two recommendations for your list. Both recommendations are based on the likelihood that the effect of the songs upon the people around you will be electric. There are concert events in which attendance is worthwhile because of a single song, so that everything else is a bonus.
     “Rundown (The Fire)” is tribal and varied. The instruments are typically basic, most obviously the hand claps. In contrast, most of the vocals are electronically processed. The combination is simultaneously raw and well-baked.
     The song is on the 2016 album release of With Lions. The album title is “Fast Luck.” With Lions is based in Baltimore. The two core members are Woody Ranere and Christian Celaya, while the extended band includes Josh Thomas, Stephen Ortega and Steve Wright.

     “Rundown (The Fire)" by With Lions

     The attraction to a concert performance isn’t as strong at the beginning of “Spirit” by The Strumbellas. The magnetic force starts to build after the short pauses twelve seconds into the single. The thought is “Hey, the bell chimes and handclaps could be fun.” Then, the gang vocals come around and the magnetic force is readily apparent. This is fun!
     If you’re going to South by Southwest (SXSW), there will be an opportunity to see “Spirit.” The Strumbellas will visit SXSW from Toronto, Canada. The members of the band are Dave Ritter, Jon Hembrey, Simon "the stumbling assassin" Ward, Darryl "Darly" James, Izzy Ritchie and Jeremy Drury.

     “Spirit” by The Strumbellas

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