Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Copeland, We Are the City, and Eisley - Noisetrade Tuesday

     Until our library of Noisetrade recommendations is exhausted, most Tuesdays will feature a Noisetrade offer of songs available for the price of an email address.  
     This week, the recommendation is collection of six songs offered as a tour promotion. The tour is over, but the offer lives on. If you sample the songs before making a decision, listen to “Erase” by Copeland and “Keep on Dancing” by We Are the City. For both songs by We Are the City, don’t judge too quickly, since both have starts that don’t fully reflect what the songs have in store.

Copeland is based in Lakeland, Florida (Facebook: Copeland).
We Are the City is a trio from Vancouver, Canada (Facebook: We Are the City).
Eisley is a band for Tyler, Texas. (Facebook: Eisley). 

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