Monday, February 8, 2016

“I Broke the Mould” by States of Emotion – A Song Review

     During the first listen of the song, we mistakenly thought the anthemic shout was “I fought the law.” The mistake was a reminder of the song voted by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a “Song that Shaped Rock.” Sonny Curtis wrote “I Fought the Law” (and the law won) many decades ago, The Bobby Fuller Four made it a Top Ten Hit in 1966, and it has been covered by The Clash (1979) and Green Day (2004).
     But the lyrics of the song playing through the speakers had nothing to do with fighting or breaking the law. The shout was a proclamation that “I Broke the Mould.” And rather than the jangly Pop guitar of the earlier hit, States of Emotion generated a driving Rock guitar environment. Other than a couple of words in the title, the two songs couldn’t be more different. But we hope States of Emotion captures a level of success obtained by the bands known for the earlier hit. 

     States of Emotion is based in Essex, UK. The members are Olly Hookings and Bonzai.
     “I Broke the Mould” by States of Emotion

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