Sunday, February 21, 2016

“Inside Your Mind” by Gypsy & The Cat – A Song Review

    Appreciation for a song can arrive from a variety of alternative paths. The mixing//production path was taken by “Inside Your Mind” by Gypsy & The Cat. For Indie Obsessive, it’s not a well-worn path, since it’s too easy for artists to stray into the region of overproduction, where the song gets lost.
     “Inside Your Mind” begins with an acoustic guitar, which camouflages the song’s fit into the Electronic genre. Even when the synthesizer enters, it does so with a subtlety. Only later does the mixing play such a significant role that it heavily influences the attention of the listener. Instruments are pushed in front of the vocals, the vocals again take control, and then another instrument seizes attention. The lyrics are repetitive, but the repetition never approaches being tiresome, because the elements around the vocals are evolving.

     Gypsy & The Cat are Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers from Melbourne, Australia.
“Inside Your Mind” by Gypsy & The Cat 

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