Sunday, February 14, 2016

Slide Guitar in Indie

     WARNING! WARNING! – Indie devotees who aren’t fans of slide guitars, stay away from this post. Come back tomorrow, it’ll be safe again.
     We aren’t typically affected by the gravitation pull of the slide guitar, but there are exceptions. Here are three songs from different genres, since it’s a mistake to consider the sound as being solely associated with Country.
    Zac Saber lives in Melbourne, Australia. His music is primarily Folk, but he incorporates Rock elements into some of his songs. In “Soak Up the Sun,” he not only uses the slide, he has a harmonica toward the end.


     A different continent and genre. “Off the Ground” is a Blues offering from The Record Company. The band is based in Los Angeles. The members are Chris Vos (vocals, guitars, lap steel, pedal steel, harmonica), Alex Stiff (bass, guitars, vocals), and Marc Cazorla (drums, piano, vocals).
     The Record Company is touring in support of the album “Give It Back to You.” Among the stops is a March 5 visit to The Masonic, where the band opens for Galactic.

     “First Light of Winter” by Miranda Lee Richards has a local connection. Richards is originally from San Francisco. She is now based in Los Angeles and has joined forces with Jason Soda, Samantha Smith, Jeff Gross, Derek Brown and Christof Certic.

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