Friday, February 12, 2016

“Valentine” by DIIV – Two SF Concert Opportunities

     DIIV is touring to promote its sophomore album, “Is the Is Are.” Two performances are scheduled for San Francisco. On February 27, Brick & Mortar Music Hall will host DIIV. The next day, the band moves to The Independent (TICKETS).
     DIIV is a guitar-driven band from Brooklyn. While there are a number of genres that can be used to describe their sound, the best is Shoegaze. We caught their 2013 visit to Brick & Mortar. The show was lively and the band was able to reproduce the quality of play that characterizes the studio releases. Indie Obsessive will be represented at one of the two SF shows.
     Originally, the band name was spelled “Dive,’ after the Nirvana song, but the spelling was soon changed out of respect for a Belgium band named Dive. Since the band’s 2013 performance at Brick & Mortar, the drummer has changed. The current members are Zachary Cole Smith (vocals, guitar), Andrew Bailey (guitar), Devin Ruben Perez (bass), Colin Caulfield (keyboards, guitar) and Ben Newman (drums). 

     It seems appropriate to post "Valentine" two days before the day with the corresponding title.

     “Under the Sun” by DIIV

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