Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spotlight on an Artist: Lexie Rose

By Rebecca Gross; Twitter: @becsgross

     Lexie Rose, who has been singing since she was eight, is now a 15-year-old prodigy. The singer-songwriter got her start when she was only 13, as she began booking her own shows around LA. After playing solo for about a year, Lexie Rose got her band together to start making music collectively.
     With a voice that sounds like it’s been coached for as long as she’s been alive, Lexie Rose is continuously performing with her band in the LA area as she writes her own music. Just the other night, on February 17th, Lexie Rose and her band performed a new song titled “Promise” at The Hotel Café. Although this track is not recorded for her Soundcloud, she has quite a body of beautifully recorded music.
      With a mellow sound and an Indie-Folk twang, Lexie Rose’s vocals go beautifully with the guitar and piano she personally plays in addition to the lead guitar, bass, and drums of her band (played by Daniel Alcala, Jacob Butler, and Elijah Wells respectively).
     Although she mainly grew up on classic rock, Norah Jones and Fiona Apple vibes are at the heart of her music. In most of her tracks, and notably in “Find Me” and “The Girl You’ll Never Leave Behind,” Lexie Rose and her band traditionally follow a pattern. Each song builds up from a quiet-voice-solo-instrumental sound to a more full-bodied instrumental completeness. 
     Lexie Rose’s sound is not only exceptional for a 15-year-old—it’s exceptional for anyone of any age. With a versatile air, Lexie Rose’s music is perfect for listening to at a dinner party with good friends, slow dancing with a honey, or tapping your foot at a live show of hers. Make sure to check her out if you’re in LA, and if you’re based somewhere out of LA, keep an eye out because Lexie Rose will be sure to come to your city one day.

      “The Girl You'll Never Leave Behind” by Lexie Rose

     “Find Me” by Lexie Rose

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