Friday, March 10, 2017

“Blossom” by Milky Chance – A Song Review

     Milky Chance can write the playbook as to how to release an album. Their sophomore album, “Blossom,” will drop on March 17. Over the last few months, some of the fourteen tracks were made available as Soundcloud streams. “Ego” and “Cocoon” grabbed the attention of both existing fans and listeners who were just getting familiar with the sound of the German band. Eight days before the album release (last night), Milky Chance appeared on a high profile late night show in the United States. They performed “Cocoon” on Conan.
     Today, the title track hit Soundcloud. “Blossom” is another example of the band’s fusion of genres, including Folk and Electronic sampling, and is yet another reason to view March 17 as more than “just” Saint Patrick’s Day.
     Now, Milky Chance is launching a tour that includes North America, Australia and New Zealand. Presumably, Europe is already up to speed on the band.
[UPDATE: For the album review, CLICK HERE.] 

    “Blossom” by Milky Chance

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