Thursday, March 30, 2017

“Gave You All” and “Levels” by HAUS

     It’s always a positive sign when excitement around one song leads to discovery of another that is even more appealing. We marked “Levels” as a track to feature in a post. While doing the research around the band (HAUS), the focus migrated to “”Gave You All.”
     The vocal style of HAUS has a slight quirkiness to it, but it’s one we enjoy. There are similarities with another London-based band – The Mispers (who became Junior Empire). Still, TV on the Radio may be the better comparison when the sound of HAUS is considered.

    The members of HAUS are Sam Kelly (guitar, backing vocals), Daniel Hylton-Nuamah (guitar), Lyle Simpson (drums), Ellis Mortimer (bass, synth, and backing vocals), and Ashley Mulimba (vocals, guitar).
     “Gave You All”


     Slightly older, but equally blogworthy - “Two Minds”

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